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So easy to forget the ones you try–even the ones you love.


Cheddar Cheese Puffs
These are these rich, buttery, cheesy puffs are the perfect appetizer. Tidy to eat at a cocktail party and a crowd-pleaser with kids and adults alike. Forgot to let the choux-paste cool enough before adding the eggs… but they still turned out ok.

I love these cheese, cream-puff like treats. Lovely before dinner with a glass of wine… only trouble is, where do you stop?

Main Dishes:

Baked Mustard-Herb Chicken Legs
This 2004 New York Times recipe (I guess it was in a Minimalist column) is one of my go-to chicken recipes. Simply coat chicken thighs in dijon mustard and garlic, then dredge in herbs and breadcrumbs and bake. It’s flavorful and foolproof. Unlike breast meat that can be fussy and can easily turn dry, I’ve never messed up this recipe.

Ina Garten’s Beef Burgundy with Tenderloin
I made this beef tenderloin recipe when company came over. It was an easy one-pot dish that I should try again. The flavor didn’t knock our socks off though so next time, I might kick up the amount of garlic. But, it’s a nice all-in-one dish that seems more elegant because of the tenderloin.

Chicken Under a Tent
Lidia Bastianich showed how to make a delicious baked chicken dish on her PBS show and used to run the recipe on her website. Maybe you can find it now via Google books. It involved roasting chicken on a bed of vegetables and porcini mushrooms. It was lovely.

Chicken Milanese
This recipe makes the tastiest salad! With the breaded and pan fried chicken, I don’t know if you can exactly call it “healthy” but it sure is lovely. I made it soon after I started working for the Taunton Press (notice my bias towards their magazine) and just started delving into Fine Cooking recipes.

Slow-Roasted Country Ribs
Looks like this came from the Joy of Cooking, though my mom passed me this three-ingredient recipe by phone. It’s not much to look at… but it’s foolproof, flavorful and very saucy. Serve with lots of bread, rice or potatoes.

Kicked Up Jambalaya
This one-pot dish does not hold back on flavor. It actually makes great (though not gourmet) individual freezer lunches–like a spicy version of those Midwestern rice casseroles. To avoid mushy rice, cooked the meat and vegetables first, then remove any bones/skin and separate the liquid. Cook up a batch of rice as you normally would, using the cooking liquid in place of water. To serve, top the rice with the reserved vegetables and meat. This dish had lots of flavor, I usually used a half-jar of Emeril spice mix per batch.

Grilled Tuna Burger with Ginger Mayonnaise
The ginger mayonnaise that goes with this burger is incredible! And the recipe couldn’t be simpler. Grill up some tuna, throw it on a bun, mix up the mayo, and serve! So tasty and simple!

Parker House Schrod with Parker House Rolls
It’s a famed recipe from the (Omni) Parker House in Boston. Sinful but delicious.

Pernil (Roast Pork)
I’ve only tried pernil once and looking through my recipe clippings, it looks like it was this “Daisy Cooks” recipe that I used. You take like a whole head of garlic, mash it up with some other ingredients, and let the pork steep in its juices (for days even!). I’ve never made such a flavorful roast in my life. Oh my the fridge soaked up all the garlic flavor.

Pork Tenderloin with Apples
There’s nothing better than a rich cream pan sauce flavored with apples. It’s a delicious, fast meal that’s perfect for entertaining from

Steak with Irish Whiskey Cream Pan Sauce
This Fine Cooking recipe (by Bruce Aidells the sausage king) is my favorite treatment for any type of steak. I guess it’s a riff on Steak Diane. I love the creamy whiskey pan sauce. You can never get enough!

Steak with Red Wine Shallot (onion) Marmalade
I made the “marmalade” for this recipe and served it with beef steaks. Great accompaniment… though I used onions instead of shallots.

Short Rib and Porcini Ragu
I’ve made this multiple times for guests. It’s a lot of work chopping up all the meat for the ragu, but the recipe is delicious and I’ve had friends make this for their own guests as well.

Zappa Family Spaghetti Sauce
This is a fun recipe for a Scandinavian girl: an Italian-American Sunday tomato sauce used to cook up spare ribs, brisket, and meatballs. I only made it once, but it’s the perfect thing to cook up on a cold wintertime weekend.


Easy Crust-less Mini Quiche
Foolproof, doesn’t stick to the pan, used with a variety of fillings. Egg, cornstarch, milk ratios seemed like the most important elements.

Simple egg/liquid ratios. Used with alternate fillings. Didn’t bother blind baking the crust, it was still delish.

Yeasted Waffles
Just got a waffle-maker… this recipe was perfect. Simple to stir up, leave to sit in fridge overnight. Quick to cook up in the morning.


Corn Muffins with Maple Butter
I overcooked the muffins–moist-ness problem was likely user error. Maple butter was an excellent accompaniment.


Autumn Vegetable Soup

I tried this first at my mom’s house. This Ellie Krieger/Fine Cooking recipe is now one of her go-to recipes. I’ve made it twice myself. It’s chock full of healthy goodness. I added a teaspoon of cumin to boost the flavor. Make a big batch and freeze in pint-sized containers for easy brown-bag lunches in winter.

Butternut Squash Soup with Apple and Bacon
Now this recipe is really decadent! It’s so tasty with the rich and smoky bacon that it doesn’t really feel like a vegetable soup at all. It feels a little weird pureeing the bacon, but it’s definitely a good recipe. Though I’d double it. If you’re going through the trouble of cooking it up, six of seven cups is not a very big yield. Plus, this would be great for freezing for brown-bag lunches later.


Blue Cheese Salad Dressing
This is delicious.

Southwestern Caesar and Chipotle Dressing
This dressing is delicious, though I never have chipotles on hand (and don’t really like the smoke) so this recipe is fine without too.

Zinfandel Salad Dressing
It looks like pink yogurt, but this dressing is creamy and delicious! Little alcohol bite though.

German Potato Salad
I wish I knew how to make this really well. A friend makes one for Octoberfest that’s divine… complete with the sugary-vinegar-white-sauce. I never got the recipe… maybe this one comes close? You can turn leftovers into little pancakes. A child in my family, however, looked at it and said it was a “yuck”–not really photogenic. Next time, I may try the Cooks Illustrated one. No “sauce” but maybe delish none the less.


Beet Orzo with Goat Cheese
This beet dish by Sarah Breckenridge is perfect for summer when you only start to get about one or two beets out of your garden at a time. The colors are just lovely with the bright red beet-infused orzo contrasted with the creamy goat cheese.


Sweet-and-Sour Beets
This recipe isn’t actually online… but I found an excellent beet recipe in Weight Watcher’s Under 20 cookbook. It uses ready-to-eat beets with a sweet balsamic vinaigrette… and the secret is horseradish giving it a flavorful kick.

Bakery Treats

Joanne Chang’s Sticky Buns
I wish I had time to make more treats like this Sticky Bun recipe from a Bobby Flay “Throwdown” episode. I made it once and it was very nice (though I had trouble proofing the buttery dough in the fridge–too much cold butter to let the dough really move). It’s incredibly rich.


Pecan Rum Tart
Excellent–not so sticky-sweet like a pecan pie with all the filling. Made 2 for Thanksgiving. One in a 9-in. spring form.

Apple Pie
I’ve made two memorable apple pies, and nothing since has come close, except this one. I found this recipe for Thanksgiving. Excellent. Used 6 small granny smith apples. I feel like the other memorable one came from Bon Appetit… something like Blue-Ribbon Apple Pie… you had to bake the bottom crust in advance. Maybe one day I’ll find that recipe too.

Butter Pie Crust
Might be the best pie crust I’ve ever made. A little like a shortbread cookie. And no need to chill it. Can roll right away.


Gateau Breton
Incredible dessert, I’ve made this countless times–like a vanilla brownie but refined. Easy to make and transport, very versatile.

Balzano Apple Cake
I love serving fruit based desserts when I entertain since they’re often a nice, sweet, light ending to an evening of indulging. Plus, cakes like this one from the New York Times are easy do make and don’t require a lot of fuss or ornamentation.

Banana Cake
Don’t overbake. Not an overly large cake. Good with a lighter cream cheese/whip cream frosting.

Andy Garcia’s Cream Cheese Flan
Actor Andy Garcia’s flan recipe includes cream cheese as well as sweetened condensed and evaporated milk. It was mentioned in Bon Appetit once.

Ina Garten Creme Brulee
You can’t take short-cuts with creme brulee. It’s delicious simply because of the luscious, sinful ingredients. Don’t bother if you’re not going to make it full fat or eat it fresh. It’s an absolute sin when restaurants serve poor renditions of this dessert… so disappointing. I’ve served this recipe for guests and let everyone “brulee” their own sugar with a torch and that was fun. The first time I tried to make it, I messed up by not scalding the cream mixture (I was just using plain vanilla, not the beans). The custard never set. So, in future, always scald the cream first.

The Perfect Flan
I found this in my recipe stash. Don’t remember it exactly, but my chicken-scratches say it was lovely. If I make a flan again, I should use this recipe.

Torta al Vino
I saw this recipe first made on Lidia Bastianich’s PBS show. It’s a delicious cake that’s fast to make as well as light and refreshing with the fruit. I made it with blueberries though it can be made with grapes. It also includes olive oil. The recipe used to be on Lidia’s website, but now I guess you can find it via Google books.

Cookies and Bars

Ellie Krieger’s Chocolate, Cherry and Almond Biscotti: Healthy “dessert” option. Grab an after-dinner treat while being mindful of your calories.

Ellie Krieger’s Energy Bars: A health-conscious sweet-treat. An excellent DIY granola bar that’s not messy and crumbly–excellent idea to blitz ingredients in a food processor. Texture is akin to fig newtons.

Chocolate Chip and Peppermint Crunch Crackles
My mom makes this recipe every year. The cookies taste like a Girl Scout’s Thin Mint though the cookies are soft and chewy inside.

Coconut Orange Snowballs
A fave in my family. My mom makes them every year for Christmas.

Ginger Slice and Bake Cookies
Yum. These cookies aren’t your traditional gingerbread men. Instead they’re more like a sugar cookie bursting with the refreshing flavor of crystallized ginger. Great contrast to the other heavy flavors of the winter holidays.

White Chocolate Eggnog Bars
A colleague made these bars over the holidays once and I’ve been in love with the recipe ever since. It’s part of the book The Good Cookie. But you can find the recipe online via Google books. The white chocolate topping can be a little runny, so go light on the cream in the ganache.

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