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Restaurant Reviews: Malaysian, Dim Sum and South Indian

Lots of good options in the tri-state area. And ok… this list has grown to types of cuisine. New Malaysia: Chinatown NYC. Excellent spot tucked away in a little alley. Recently expanded. Nasi lemak is nice and spicy. Roti canai … Continue reading

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Fried Turnip Cake: Char Kueh Kak

It’s one of my fave Malaysian dishes but I’ve never seen it on a restaurant menu in the States. You really can’t replicate the magic of a street-side hawker stall with their scorching propane and seasoned woks but today’s attempt … Continue reading

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Nasi Lemak

The secret to nasi lemak is the sambal chile paste. Using dried chiles helps to give it a mellower caramelized flavor. “Tumis-ing it the right amount of time (or stir-frying) is a challenge too.. must get the raw flavor out, … Continue reading

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Mee Siam

Returned from a big Malaysia trip recently… so I’m craving the flavors. I’d love to perfect the sweet, sour and spicy flavors of Mee Siam. I’ve attempted the dish four times of late… it’s still not just right. Rasa Malaysia … Continue reading

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Favorite Cookbooks

What’s on my bookshelf? Here’s a starter list of some of my faves… Malaysian: Some resources to begin navigating the vast and varied world of Southeast Asian cooking.

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