Restaurant Reviews: Malaysian, Dim Sum and South Indian

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Lots of good options in the tri-state area. And ok… this list has grown to types of cuisine.

New Malaysia: Chinatown NYC. Excellent spot tucked away in a little alley. Recently expanded. Nasi lemak is nice and spicy. Roti canai is better elsewhere. Don’t think they have teh tarik.

Penang East Hanover, New Jersey: Good food, great prices, popular location. Best roti canai around–not just frozen paratha from a package. Good Malaysian tea and Chinese dishes. The spice levels are manageable for an all-American palate.

Malay in Morristown, New Jersey: Good prices, attentive service. Only restaurant I’ve been to lately that serves Mee Siam. Think chef/proprietor once had ties to Penang in East Hanover. Nice decor, across the street from the train station.

A Taste of Asia Chatham, New Jersey: Excellent roti jala (crepe-like lacy pancakes)–it’s not often you see this on a menu. Nice nasi lemak for lunch Tuesday through Friday. Dim Sum on Sundays. For dessert, pulut paitai is good… like mango sticky rice but with lovely kaya coconut jam instead. Homey atmosphere, nice service.

Coco Malaysian/Thai in Edison, New Jersey
Went once, nice. Good place for takeout. Tried Buddhist Yampot Chicken–a fun dish with a bowl made out of a purpleish yam/taro/sweet potato (??) that’s deepfried in a basket and then filled with Chinese-style chicken and veg.

Bentara New Haven, Conn.
This is one of the few Malaysian spots in Connecticut and it’s been around for a long time now. The prices would shock someone accustomed to Malaysian hawker fare, but it’s a perfect fits with the Yale fine dining/bar scene. Nice ambiance, nice drinks. Lots of noodle soup options.

South Indian

Rajini Parsippany, New Jersey
It’s rare to find a restaurant that serves appam/apom and you can find it here (two pancakes per order?). It’s a light and almost sourdough-style yeasted rice flour pancake that’s often served with coconut milk and jaggery (brown sugar). This restaurant with a HUGE menu also serves dosai, but is one of the few that also offers meat. Any “spicy” dishes in this authentic spot will be VERY spicy. The appetizer called Kozhi Porichathu is delicious… little spicy, spicy fried chicken nuggets. If you’re not great with spice, they’ll kill you, but you’ll keep going back for more! Vanjaram Meen Varuval (King Fish) was also nice. We’ve gone several times when the place was packed and bustling with people coming in and out for takeout.

Karaikudi Chettinad, Oak Tree Road, Edison, New Jersey
Tasty South Indian restaurant with excellent Dosa and meat too… not vegetarian!

Chowpatty Restaurant, Oak Tree Road, Little India, Edison, New Jersey
Great spot for those huge, crepe-like pancakes called Dosai. The nacho-like appetizer “Chat” is nice too. Need to explore Edison area more to find more places… somehow always end up at Chowpatty though.

Saravana Bhavan, “Curry Hill” NYC (Lex and 26)
Haven’t been recently, but it’s a lovely, crowded place with colorful energetic decor. This vegetarian place serves excellent dosai. It’s a chain with locations throughout the Indian diaspora… though none in Australia I think. Believe I rode past one of their locations in Malaysia (Petaling Jaya).

Udupi Bhavan, Middletown, Connecticut
I haven’t been recently, but it’s hard to find dosai in Connecticut–this might be one of the only spots. Delicious vegetarian food with piping hot milky-tea. It’s located close to Middletown’s Hindu temple (it’s an incredible edifice.)

Dim Sum
For an adventurous eater, dim sum is a treat. But to the uninitiated and if you don’t speak the language, Dim Sum can be a little overwhelming–especially if you don’t eat meat, pork, or shellfish. But you can usually find English speaking staff to lend a hand and a smart phone that can pull up pictures/characters is also a help. Tasty standbys are shu mai dumplings, pork buns, glutinous rice (with a little shrimp and pork) in a lotus leaf, egg tarts. The fried stuff is really good too… though look out for the sweet bean fillings–an welcome taste for some.

Asian Jewels Flushing, Queens
Nice spacious place. Opens at 8 a.m. on Sat. Valet parking available. Speedy service. Good food. Cart service.

Golden Unicorn, Chinatown NYC
I think this is where we went… on the second floor. Had to wait in the lobby until they opened at 9 a.m. (on Sat.) with a growing crowd of people. Good, nice spacious place. Cart service.

Dim Sum Villa New Providence, New Jersey
Seems like there’s pent up demand for Dim Sum in New Jersey. This brand-new restaurant is hopping with dim-sum aficionados. Went on a Sunday and there were lines even before it opened at 11. Again, nice spacious place. Cart service.

The Great Wall New Haven, Conn.
This authentic restaurant and the nearby grocery store have modernized, grown and changed tremendously over the past decade. And, I got to eat Dim Sum here once and enjoyed it. Lots of choices! If I recall correctly there were lines to get in.


Wonjo, NYC: 23 W 32nd Street (between 5th Ave & Broadway)
Fun spot near Penn Station. We didn’t do the BBQ, loved the other dishes though. Entrees came with tons of sides–lots of veggies. I’m familiar with Japanese home cooking and was struck by the similarities. Simple broiled mackerel w/sides=yum.

Mexican, etc.

Tacos Mexico, Norwalk, Conn.
This place was a tiny storefront once–they’ve expanded and even have a website now. Delicious food. Love the chorizo.

Macho Nacho Morristown, New Jersey
So many restaurants in Morristown–so little time to try them all. This unpretentious spot is easy on the wallet and is the ultimate “fusion” spot with everything from bagels (??) to chimichangas. Try the tacos, the salsas and the breakfast “poppi” platter with its incredible black beans.

Raul’s Empanadas Morristown, New Jersey
Authentic–I don’t know. But delicious–yes. Love the salsas. My fave is the way-too-rich four cheese (three cheese?)… it’s the empanada version of mac and cheese.

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